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Our Mission

Provide comprehensive reproductive & sexual health care services in settings that preserve and protect the individual's right to privacy, and informed decisions

Advocate for public policies which advance these rights and expand access to these services

Provide educational programming that fosters a culture of healthy sexuality


Work with and meet the needs of diverse communities and the underserved


Lead broad-based strategies that further these fundamental rights

Health Care

Our Culture

We believe providing high quality experiences for all who touch PPSAT begins with our workplace culture. Just like our patients, our colleagues deserve to be respected, cared for, and uplifted by one another.

This spirit and culture of belonging is woven into our workplace each day through a clearly defined set of Workplace Values and Service Standards. Defining these common goals brings us together as a single team, working together to provide top-notch experiences at every one of our locations. Our culture is a reflection of the passion and commitment we all share for our organization's mission.


We work hard. We support each other and our patients. We move forward. We are In This Together.


Workplace Values

In This Together

Service Standards


Planned Parenthood South Atlantic's
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Statement

At Planned Parenthood of South Atlantic (PPSAT), we embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion and strive to keep it at the core of who we are. We are committed to a diverse workforce that welcomes an array of perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. We believe that diversity, equity and inclusion in teams, decision-making, policy, practice, and operations contributes to a sense of belonging that benefits our culture, our staff, our patients, and our community. At PPSAT, we are dedicated to learning, reducing and eliminating inequities, and developing best practices to dismantle systemic racism and the complex problems caused by it.

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