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Compensation at PPSAT

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic's compensation philosophy is based in strategy, transparency, and equity. In alignment with our organization's culture, we communicate openly about the goals of the organization, and the design of the compensation program.

Health Care Assistant
Tier Program

Grow with Us!

At PPSAT all Health Care Assistants (HCA) are cross-trained, front to back! The HCA Tier Program is designed to help you grow you skills. All new HCA's automatically enter the HCA Tier Program at $18.00. 

Administrative, Program, & Licensed Staff Positions

 Find out how we create starting offers for all other positions!

Hiring Range

Each job posting includes the hiring range for the position. Using market data, each position is placed in a developed pay grade structure to help PPSAT remain competitive. 

Internal Equity

Internal reports are run to look at the pay grade and compensation of our current staff. To maintain internal equity, we look at the tenure of our current staff, as well as any relevant prior experience they brought to PPSAT.


For an individual coming into PPSAT, we set starting offers between the minimum and the midpoint of the salary grade. Starting offers are determined by both the internal equity, as well as the relevant experience and qualifications of our candidate. 

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